About Us

The Golden Hills PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is dedicated to supporting the education of the Golden Hills Elementary students. We do this by fundraising and providing additional resources to support the school, teachers and students. The PTO supports both regular yearly school programs and activities and high dollar contributions to school resources that are not covered through other sources. 

The PTO is entirely volunteer based and we need the support of the school community to continue as a successful organization. The PTO is comprised of three main groups: the board, members, and volunteers. Please review the information here about the programs we support, the board, and membership. Contact Us if you'd like to get involved!

Regular Yearly Programs the PTO Supports:

Higher Dollar School Resources the PTO Fully or Partially Contributed to:

PTO Board Positions

There are 7 board positions which come up for elections yearly at the end of the school year and are described below. All board positions must be held by a parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled at Golden Hills Elementary School or by a teacher, staff member, or administrator of the school. If there is a current vacancy you're interested in filling, please Contact Us to discuss your interest! The board has the ability to vote on appointments to fill vacancies. 

Chairperson (aka President)

The Chairperson presides over all meetings and assumes primary responsibility for the functioning of the PTO, including following federal and state requirements. This role typically shares banking responsibilities with the Treasurer and leads the social media and website content. The Chairperson must have a child registered at Golden Hills Elementary School.

Vice-Chairperson (aka Vice-President)

The Vice-Chairperson shares the duties of the Chairperson, but is not required to have a child registered at Golden Hills Elementary School.


The Secretary  maintains the records of all meetings, acts as the Chairperson for the nominating committee for the following year's board positions, and leads the preparation of flyers and meeting agendas. 


The Treasurer collects and records all income and expenses of the PTO, reconciles bank statements, and creates monthly and yearly reports.

Ways and Means Committee Chair

The Ways and Means Committee Chair is responsible for raising revenue for the PTO. They are responsible for identifying fundraiser options and  overseeing these activities.

Teacher Representative (2 Positions)

TK-2 Teacher Representative

3-5 Teacher Representative

The Teacher Representatives act as a liaison between the PTO and their respective grades. This includes keeping both the PTO and the teachers apprised of all activities and pertinent information. 

PTO Membership

Membership is $5 per person, allows a vote at the PTO General Meetings and shows you support the work we're doing! Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the Golden Hills PTO and memberships can be purchased online on our Join or Donate page. The public is welcome to attend our PTO General Meetings as an observer.